Experienced Leadership

Dennis is President and CIO of Synaptus, a management consulting company with over 10 years of experience helping customers deliver value  by aligning business and technology.

Enabling the Agile Enterprise

Dennis Stevens is a recognized expert in leveraging technology to achieve Enterprise Agility. In July 2009, Dennis was a co-author in the Cutter Consortium executive report “Rethinking the Agile Enterprise” discussing developing incremental strategies for scaling Agile to the Enterprise. In June 2008, he was co-author on an article in Harvard Business Review, “The Next Revolution in Productivity”. This article describes how to close the gap between business and technology.  He was a significant contributor to Microsoft’s Business Architecture Service methodology – his contribution is acknowledged  in Ric Merrifield’s 2009 Business best seller “Re-Th!nk: A Business Manifesto for Cost Cutting and Innovation”. Dennis was also the Deputy Project Manager for PMI’s OPM3 Second Edition, where he helped lead a world-wide volunteer team in the development of a process maturity approach to improving an organizations ability to achieve its strategy through project management.

Dennis Stevens

Dennis Stevens has been helping organizations deliver value through software development and project management throughout his career. For over 25 years he has helped companies leverage technology to improve their business performance through improving technology development, effective project management, and applying Lean and Agile concepts.

Since 1985, Dennis has been working or consulting in software development leadership, technology transformations and enterprise project management. He has been leveraging Lean and Agile in software development teams for the last 10 years.

He became a Project Management Professional in 1998, began Lean Value Stream mapping in 1994, an OPM3 Certified Consultant in 2009, and recently completed the Certified Scrum Master course.

Dennis was awarded the Naval Commendation Medal during Desert Storm for his service as a Marine Reservist and he played a key role in Operation Fiery Vigil which involved rescue and recovery operations following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Development and Psychology.


Dennis Stevens has long standing-trusting relationships with experienced independent project managers, quality assurance managers, architects, developers, Scrum and XP coaches, and continuous integration experts. These affiliates have served with Dennis on various projects and have proven an ability to adapt to the environment and deliver whatever is most important to meeting the needs of the customers.

Dennis is an associate of David J Anderson and Associates and Pillar Technologies.